Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Fish. A Pattern? No, but ...

After three hours of ripping hard jerkbaits in 15 feet off spawning banks, I laughed off a bit of frustration last Thursday when I landed a small spotted bass. With just one bite, the deep-billed plug I pulled in historical pattern -- mid-day, mid-depth, windy points, chunky bottom, no breaklines -- along my usual pre-spring haunts on Lake Blue Ridge had failed me.

Three hours. One bite. Pattern-less. So I thought.

Forty-five minutes later, six bass -- three spots, two smallmouths and a largemouth -- lay in the dark of the livewell water. Despite appeared failure, I stayed true to my tactical pattern. History proved it: same lure, mid-depths. But a different time: warm afternoon; and a different place: calm water and a hard, broken bottom.

Fish with your eyes open.

Experience ... Exposure ... Execution ... Engagement ... That's real fishing with Reel Angling Adventures. Hook 'em!


  1. Nice one..Well with just one bite the deep-billed plug in historical pattern..The blog is really good..

  2. Nice post with lively picture of the fish.Its a great and real fishing and i like it.